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Puppies need the basic groom training to make your life, the groomers life and of course your pups life much easier whilst been groomed. For most breeds dog grooming is essential part of their lives for their health and well being.

The Trusty Dog Wash tries to promote early training of grooming from as soon as their pup is fully vaccinated and has been given the all clear from your vet. 

The following schedule has proven to be successful on many dogs that have come to us.

  • First booking (once fully vaccinated) - Wash and Blowdry with Face trim and nail clip.

  • Second visit (2-3 weeks after first visit) -  Wash, blowdry with full clip and nail clip.

We will keep you informed of how each groom went and to see if further training is needed.​ They may need further training, it really come down to the individual pups personality.

All your puppies needs will be kept on file to ensure you get what you are after and consistency of each groom.


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